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SEO Introduction:

What is an SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is one of the most used Online Marketing Technique that helps you to bring your Website on top of the Search Engines Result Pages for a specific Query.

what is seo?

Why we use an SEO?

For better business growth we always need a huge amount of people who know about business and its services, even you can promote yourself and become famous if many people know about you.
We all know that Internet is the best resource to highlight both yourself and your business because here you can get maximum reachability of users. We have lots of reasons which indicate that an SEO is one of the best Online Marketing Technique.

  1. An Estimated 75% internet users use Search Engines (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing) to find something.
  2. Get website's Higher Ranking on Search Engines Result Pages, higher ranking mean you have more people's visibility on Search Engine and more visibility is the sign of more Traffic.
    1. Traffic: No. of users who visit your website.
  3. You can promote anything on global market from your local place and become a Brand.

Search Engine:

Search Engine + Optimization = Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine?

Search Engine is a software system which build to show an information on World Wide Web.
  1. Google, Yahoo and Bing are most used Search Engines.
  2. An Estimated 70-80 % internet users prefer Google as Search Engine while 30-20 % internet users prefer other Search Engines.

Some Search Engines listed below:
  • Baidu
  • Ask
  • AOL Search
  • DuckDuckGo
  • WOW
  • WebCrawler
  • Excite
  • Infospace
  • Info
  • Dogpile

seo estimation

Search Engine Working:

Search Engine is a software system which can be divided into three robots like Crawler, Indexer and Ranking Algorithm, their working is based on Artificial Intelligence concept.

  • Crawler / Spider: Crawler is also known as Spider. Crawler crawl (read) the data from all websites which uploaded on World Wide Web, without knowing data is related to which type. Crawler just crawl the complete data and store it in Search Engine's Local Server. This complete working known as Crawling.

  • Indexer: Indexer active after crawling which pick the complete data from local server and manage it into Indexes (Categories according to city, business types, purpose and so on). After that indexed data will store in Search Engine's Main Server by Indexer, and it will be known as Indexing.

  • Ranking Algorithm: Ranking Algorithm assign ranking to websites for a specific Keyword on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). That ranking is based on Search Engine's own guideline, and that guidelines is following by SEO executive to get higher ranking on SERP for a Targeted Keyword.
    • Keyword: Keyword is a query which ask by user to find something.

search engine working

SEO Partition

If we consider Search Engine's guidelines then we have three types of SEO like Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO:

Black Hat SEO consider as Unethical SEO means we try to get higher ranking on SERP as soon as possible but does not follow any guideline which provided by Search Engine, in short we do spamming of Search Engine's guideline specially Google.

A single benefit of this techniques is, we get faster ranking on SERP as compare to White Hat SEO but if Ranking Algorithm noticed that we are using spamming techniques for SEO then website will entered in Search Engine's Black List and after added in Black List, website will not show on SERP until Search Engine will remove it from Black List.

Over Optimization is an optimization technique which used to do Black Hat SEO, some most used Over Optimization Techniques are as follows.
  • Link Spam
  • Keywords Stuffing
  • Hidden Text
  • Hidden Links
  • Cloaking

White Hat SEO:

White Hat SEO is just opposite of Black Hat SEO, we can consider it as Ethical SEO and follow all Search Engine's guidelines in it. Because of, we get natural listing when we are using White Hat SEO so it's known as Natural SEO and we need not to pay to any Search Engine for listing that's why it's also called as Organic SEO.

In White Hat SEO, we take long time to get higher ranking on SERP if we compare it with Black Hat SEO but we should follow White Hat SEO for long lasting and natural listing on SERP.

As optimization level White Hat SEO divided into following optimization techniques.
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization

Gray Hat SEO:

Gray Hat SEO is the combination of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO neither Black nor White, in which we use estimate 5% of Black Hat SEO and 95% of White Hat SEO. We can reach ranking on SERP earlier than White Hat SEO and later than Black Hat SEO.

We use both White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO techniques in Gray Hat SEO.

Quick Overview:

S. No. Terms Black Hat SEO White Hat SEO Gray Hat SEO
1. Consider As Unethical SEO Ethical / Organic / Natural SEO Combination of both
2. Guideline Don't Follow Follow Combo
3. Ranking Reaching Speed Faster than White Hat SEO Natural Slower than Black Hat SEO but faster than White Hat SEO
4. Result Short Lasting Long Lasting Long Lasting until Search Engine know about Black Hat SEO techniques which you used in it.
5. Penalties Website added in Black List -- Website added in Black List until Search Engine didn't know about Black Hat SEO Techniques which you used in it.
6. Optimization Techniques Over Optimization On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
7. Examples Short period events website Business,
and many more

General SEO Working Style:

Following SEO working style followed by many SEO executive to get higher ranking on SERP. This SEO process have following steps.

  • Understand about project basic needs like targeted keywords and target locations.
    • Targeted Keywords are that keywords on which website owner wants to hit the website or get higher ranking on SERP.
    • Targeted Location is that location where website owner want to serve their services.
  • After understanding website basic need, find best and optimal Keywords for the website which exactly denote website requirement or its services.
    • You can use Google AdWords for Keywords Research.
  • Before starting SEO for a website, we need to do analysis on Competitor Sites.
    • Competitor Sites are those website which already hit on SERP for same Keywords which we choose for our website.
  • Now we have Keywords and goal to do SEO for website then we should move for two optimization techniques, i.e. On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.
    • On-Page Optimization is a White Hat SEO technique which is used to optimize a website according to Search Engine's guidelines and help us to create complete SEO Friendly website. In On-Page Optimization, we utilize Targeted Keywords in website, because of we work on website in this techniques so it's also known as On-Site Optimization.
    • Off-Page Optimization is used to promote website online and we try to increase Online Reputation using Targeted Keywords.
  • Keywords Research, Competitor Site Analysis and Optimization Techniques are interconnected with each other so we need to monitor time to time working strategies and after reach higher ranking on SERP, we have to start maintain website's ranking.

Suppose, we have a company website which providing Website Development service to its client in India, and now, we have a service i.e. "Website Development" and target location i.e. "India". After that we have to do research to get some Keywords like "website development india" or "website development company india". We should utilize the Targeted Keywords in website and create it SEO friendly on the basis of Search Engine's guidelines and do Online Marketing according to Off-Page Optimization. Now need to monitor work strategies and outputs after started SEO and once we got higher ranking then need to be maintain website higher ranking on SERP.

seo process

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