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C/C++ Programming Training

Enhance your skill, prepare yourself and get the job. We assured about Job, Interview Preparation after complete C/C++ Programming Training.

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C Prgramming
45 Days
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CPP Programming
45 Days
Data Types
Class / Object
File Handling

Course Details

C Programming

  1. Introduction of C Programming:
    History, Structure, Purpose, Uses

  2. Identifier in C
  3. Data Type Declaration Instruction
  4. Input Output Instruction
  5. Operators
    Unary, Airthmatic, Bitwise, Relation, Logic, Condition, Assignment

  6. Decision Control Statment (Switch Case)
  7. Loops
  8. Function / Reccursion
  9. Array / 1D / 2D
  10. Strings
  11. Pointers
  12. Application of Pointers
  13. Structure
  14. Union
  15. Dynamic Memory Allocation
  16. Enumerator
  17. Typedef
  18. Preprocessor Commands:
    #include, #define #undef

  19. File Handling
    Reading from a file Writing in a File
    fgets fread fscan fprint fwrite fputs

  20. File Opening Modes

CPP Programming

  1. Introduction on CPP programming environment
  2. Overview about CPP Programming Language:
    History of CPP language, Software tools required for programming in CPP, Comparison with C programming language, etc.

  3. Fundamentals of OOP:
    Concepts of objects & classes, data members, methods, encapsulation, information hiding, cin & cout objects, Formatting and I/O manipulators, New and delete operators, etc.

  4. Classes and Objects:
    Access specifiers, Inline functions, Static data members & member functions, 'this' pointer, Constructors, Destructors, Friend function, Array of objects, Pointers of objects, etc.

  5. Operator Overloading:
    Introduction, Need of operator overloading, Overloading the assignment, Binary and unary operators, Overloading using friends, Rules for operator overloading and Type conversions.

  6. Inheritance and Polymorphism:
    Base and derived classes, Friend classes, Types of inheritance, Member access control, Static class, Virtual base class, Polymorphism, virtual functions, pure virtual functions, abstract class, Virtual destructors, Early & late binding, container classes, etc.

  7. Templates:
    Function & class templates, member function & argument templates, Generic Programming, Standard Template Library, Containers, Iterators, container template classes for vectors and stacks and related algorithms.

  8. Exception Handling:
    Introduction, Syntax for exception handling code: try-catch-throw, Multiple Exceptions, Exceptions with arguments and Introduction to RTTI.

  9. Miscellaneous Features:
    At last, you will learn some important features like Namespaces, Rules of namespaces, Managing console I/O operations & File, Streams, etc.

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