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PHP Basic
2 Months
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PHP Adv.
2 Months
PSD Conversion
Mobile API

Course Details

Learn to create Web Apps with our Website Development Training program and get it from Industry Experts. We are also providing Free Sub Domain & Hosting to students which help them to show their Live Project worldwide.

Website Development - Basic

  1. Introduction about Website Development and its Future:
    JavaScript jQuery Ajax Angular JS
    PHP MySQL CMS - WordPress / Magento / Joomla
    Framework - CodeIgniter / OpenCart / CakePHP / Laravel Responsive Website - Bootstrap / Media Query
    PSD Testing / Secure Website Browser Compatibilty OOPS in PHP
    Static / Dynamic Website Domain & Hosting Live Website Mobile API

  2. HTML:
    HTML Introduction and its version HTML Tags & Attributes Headings Tags
    Paragraph Tags Break Tag Strong / Bold / Itallic / Underline Tag
    List - Order & Unorder List Image Anchor Tag & its Attributes
    Table Tag & its Attributes Nested Table Colspan / Rowspan
    Form & its Attribute Form Action / Entype Form Methods
    Input Fields / Select / Textarea Data List Labels
    HTML Structure using Div Tag Div Clause W3C validation

    Practical: HTML structure using above HTML Tags along with small tasks for each HTML Tags.

  3. CSS:
    CSS Introduction & its version Types of CSS CSS Properties
    CSS Proprties using ID / Class / HTML Tags Inline / Internal / External CSS

    Practical: Create good looking and eye catching HTML webpage using CSS Properties.

  4. PSD:
    Photoshop & PSD Introduction Adobe Photoshop Tools PSD to HTML conversion

    Practical: Convert two PSD into Webpage using HTML and CSS with fixed width and full screen concept.

  5. JavaScript:
    JavaScript Introduction & its version JavaScript Properties Internal / External JavaScript
    Variables Alert Concinate
    Operators Conditional Statement Loops
    Functions - Declare / Definition / Calling Form Validation & Constraing Validation In-Built Functions
    Taking data from HTML webpage using ID & Class Slider
    Change / Access HTML & CSS Properites using JavaScript Control Keyboard / Browser Properties

    Practical: Implement JavaScript in Webpage, Form Validation & Constraint Validation along with small task using JavaScript Propeties.

  6. Convert Two PSD into Static Website using HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  7. PHP:
    PHP Introduction & its version Sever Installation XAMPP / WAMPP / MAMPP / LAMPP
    Basic Syntax Variables Operators
    Consitional Statements Loops Concinatation
    In-Build Function Include / Include Once Require / Require Once
    Send Mail or Templates from Website Define Function Array

  8. PHP & MySQL:
    Database Introduction No. of Database available for Web Technology
    MySQL Introduction & its Basic Syntax Database Connectivity using PHP Create Database using PHPMyAdmin
    MySQL Queries Create Database using MySQL Query Run Query using PHP
    Insert / Select Query Delete / Multiple Delete Query Update Query
    Method - GET / POST / REQUEST File / Image Upload Session / Cookies
    Login / Logout Forget Password / Remember Me Change Password
    Enable / Disable Pagination Searching / Sorting

  9. Other Activities:
    Captcha Google Map Testing / Secure Website

  10. Two Dynamic Website (Live Project) including Domain & Hosting knowledge.

Website Development - Advance

  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
  3. Mobile Responsive with BootStrap & Media Query
  4. PHP & MySQL:
    OOPS in PHP Classes / Object Function
    MySQL Queries using Function Join / In / Between Implode & Explode
    MD5 Encryption & Other Encryption Login with own & available Encryption Method
    Form Validation & Constraint Validation using PHP Secure Website using OOPS Concept

  5. Ajax
  6. jQuery - Function Creation / Implementation Both
  7. CMS (Content Management System) Introduction
  8. WordPRess
  9. Basic Introduction about Frameworks (CodeIgniter / OpenCart / CakePHP / Laravel)
  10. Mobile API

PHP Framework Training

  1. Introduction about Frameworks
  2. Two months training in CodeIgniter / OpenCart / CakePHP / Laravel including Two Live Projects and Mobile API

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